Who are you?


My names MRBTFO and I used to go by the name BritbongReturns.

I used to make trolling videos and livestream on YouTube making people seeth but in 2017 my entire channel was banned and I got completely blacklisted.

Two years later I returned to YouTube as MRBTFO and did pretty well, the channel started gaining traction but sadly a year later YouTube decided to suspend the channel for ban evasion because they are cock suckers.

Recently I have put all my efforts into streaming on dlive.tv/mrbtfo where I usually chat about random topics, talk shit and play games, one of my fans also uploads my fullstreams and clips to YouTube (see below)


You can also find my old Britbong videos reuploaded by other people on Youtube here and here 

If I post new videos/clips they are normally on my facebook, instagram, twitter and bitshute so check the links to the right, anyway thanks for reading and see you soon lads.


If you reupload my content you must credit www.mrbtfo.com it helps me a lot so people can find me, thank you.